Real Client Stories

Many clients share their journey and their experience with Dr. Rita in hope that you can also find help in overcoming whatever you may be facing. The following is chronicle of the journey of one couple. Please check the dropdown menu above for more true stories and a few analogies that Dr. Rita uses.

The Squirrel

ANALOGY: A squirrel decided to go across the street in a residential neighborhood.

While it was in the middle of the road, a car came swiftly down the street. The squirrel heard the noise and instead of continuing on its quest, it stopped and turned partially around, it considered whether to go back to the original sidewalk or continue to move to the other side of the street.

It quickly darted towards its starting point and then inexplicably turned back towards the original destination. The car proceeded in a smooth line and hit the indecisive squirrel.


This analogy applies to “decision making”


No one can escape from decision making as it is part of life. Some people like to question a decision after it has been made. They wonder what life would be liked if they did not make that decision and worry about what kind of problems they may face as a result of the decision. When this happens, individuals become so stressed that they may develop symptoms such as anxiety, fear, insomnia, depression and other emotional and physical problems. Individuals who are unsatisfied about a decision have the same struggles as the squirrel trying to decide whether to go back to where it came from or to move ahead to the other side of the street. The squirrel ended up dead because of his indecisiveness.

Although those who constantly question their decisions may not ended up dead like the squirrel, the emotional stresses are detrimental to their emotional and physical health. None of the decisions we make is perfect. There is often unexpected problems arising after the decision has been made. These difficulties make the individuals doubt their decisions. They wonder what life would be like if they did not make that decision; or they would try to ponder what life will be like if they had chosen a different path.

For instance, when individuals encounter difficulties in a job situation, they may feel that they must be in the wrong line of work and they should be at their job. They begin to doubt themselves as a person and their abilities to perform on the job. Longing to be in a different job only makes the present job more unbearable. Every job has different struggles. Staying in the present job and getting help to deal with current issues will empower their inner strength and build confidence in the long run. Quitting the job and moving to a different job will not guarantee that there will not be struggles, It just will be a different set of problems they have to deal with.

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