Real Client Stories

Many clients share their journey and their experience with Dr. Rita in hope that you can also find help in overcoming whatever you may be facing. The following is chronicle of the journey of one couple. Please check the dropdown menu above for more true stories and a few analogies that Dr. Rita uses.

A Child's Recovery After Divorce

My mom and dad fought all the time before the divorce. I was tired during the day at school because I could not go to sleep until I did not hear my parents fight anymore. Later, I found out that my mom had a boyfriend. Then my dad married my mom’s best friend.

I had to go to my dad and my mom’s home on different weeks. My stomach hurt when I had to go to my dad’s home because I was worried if mom was going to be okay by herself. It was very hard for me to call someone “mom” when I knew she was my friend’s mom. I used to be the youngest one when dad and mom were together because I only had a big brother. When I was at dad’s home, I had to share a room with my younger sister and she did not want me to be there. She got mad at me a lot because she missed her dad. My big brother was no longer protecting me because he had another brother now. My stomach hurt whenever I was with my dad and my step-mom.¬†

Coming to Dr. Rita was very fun.¬† We talked, played games, did crafts and made a book together. She actually helped me, she is so understanding. I looked forward to going every week. We made a necklace that reminded me to pray for my mom whenever I missed her. It really helped because I knew God would answer my prayers and He would protect my mom. Dr. Rita showed me ways to deal with my brother when he was not nice to me. I learned to play school with my little sister and of course, I was the teacher. I liked playing dolls with her because I could be the mother and tell her what to do. Dr. Rita helped me to look at the good things in both dad and mom’s home. I liked going to dad’s home now. The step-mom was nice to me. I still liked to be with my mom more; but I was able to enjoy going to my dad’s home a little more. My brother was not treating¬† me badly anymore. My little sister was excited for to come. Dr. Rita was right. My little sister needed me because I knew how it felt to miss a parent. I could even comfort her. Dr. Rita also taught me that it is up to me to be happy wherever I go. I decided to make the best of it whether I am with my dad or my mom. Although I still have butterflies in my stomach when I have to stay with my dad for a few weeks, but I just try to enjoy the time with dad so the days go by very fast. Before I know it, I get to go back to my mom. I love coming to Dr. Rita. It is so much fun and she actually had helped me. I am happier now.

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