Real Client Stories

Many clients share their journey and their experience with Dr. Rita in hope that you can also find help in overcoming whatever you may be facing. The following is chronicle of the journey of one couple. Please check the dropdown menu above for more true stories and a few analogies that Dr. Rita uses.

Emotionally Recovering from Cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer; I felt hopeless even though I had a good medical team working with me. They listened well, but explained that I had to go through surgery within a few days. There was no time for processing any of the procedures.
After surgery, I was scheduled for weekly chemotherapy visits and I had to give myself shots daily for 140 days. I was trying to deal with the anxiety while doing the daily shots. It was good that my husband J. was retired so he could accompany me to every appointment. When I finished chemotherapy treatments I had to start with radiology treatments. I spent a lot of time sleeping. Then I began to develop anxiety problems. The anxiety became so overwhelming that I thought that I heard noises and I became so scared. I was nervous about any phone calls or appointments. J. had to speak for me in all the doctor appointments; in one doctor’s office, the nurse was confused about who was the patient. I was prescribed an antidepressant. The doctors wanted me to see a psychologist, and I insisted that I wanted to meet with Dr. Rita.
The first few times J. took notes and spoke for me. When Rita asked me questions, I would only answer in few words. The medication was not working well because I still had anxiety attacks. Dr. Rita told me that the anxiety really came from my thoughts. She helped me calm down and realize that I wasn’t going to die from anxiety because it was not a physical problem. Rita taught me some coping skills to deal with anxiety.
I became able to take control of my thoughts and I experienced my first victory. Rita told me that I could continue to use the same method and I would have more victories. I began to have one victory after another in coping with my anxieties. Eventually my confidence in myself began to rebuild. I felt more and more confident to do many things. Then Dr. Rita suggested that we start sessions without my husband. I was able to put my thoughts together and talked. I could remember my childhood. And I was not afraid of the anxiety anymore, because I knew how to deal with it. All because of the care of my physician, Dr. Rita and God’s strength that I became free from anxiety problems.
I was becoming more active and I felt like I am back to my normal self. Since I was doing so well, my doctor was willing to start tapering off my medication. As the antidepressants tapered off, I continued to claim more victories in my life.
Throughout the whole process, we all experienced God’s presence. We always prayed at the end of the sessions and gave everything to God. In one of the sessions Dr. Rita told me that God inspired her to talk about my mother whom I had not seen for a year or so, we had some misunderstandings and she had lived out of state, but now she was closer.
A few days after that session, Jerry and I drove past the nursing home where my mom had just been placed since moving back to Michigan. I told J. that I needed to visit her. So we went that very day, I know she was sick. I got to kiss her on the forehead. We were again glad to see her and within two weeks my mother passed away.
I was glad that I did not go to see a secular counselor because God worked through the healing process when I went to see Dr. Rita. God was working on my mom to make her ready for the visit. He was working on my heart to make me ready. He also was working on Dr. Rita’s mind to inspire her to talk about my mom in the session.

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