Helping All Ages

The entrance is where your privacy begins. Separate entrance and exit areas protect you from uncomfortable meetings in crowded waiting rooms

entrance to Dr. Rita's office

You won't usually have to wait in our comfortable waiting area long, Dr. Rita is expecting you -

waiting area

Her outstanding service has earned numerous awards.


We have the traditional room for one-to-one counseling.

one to one counseling

We also have ample room for couples counseling

couch in room for couples counseling

There are special computerized training sessions for teens and young adults

computers for teens

We have extensive special supplies for children. Dr. Rita has had great success in helping children and early teens overcome many issues.

shelves full of toys for play therapy

Dr. Rita studies constantly to keep up with the latest research to assure you of the best possible care.

office desk and bookshelves

We look foward to hearing from you soon!

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